They warned you there’d be days like these

In one of the useful discussions at the NCT classes we had to think about a sleepless night of screaming baby followed by nightmare day at work. It seems I’m almost there already and the baby’s not born yet!

I expected sleepless night when the baby arrives, but I didn’t expect such sleepless nights weeks and months beforehand.

I’ve suffered from mild insomnia for many years and it’s not unusual for me to lay awake for well over an hour before drifting off to sleep. Wifey is big, uncomfortably and still growing a baby which seems to practice Kung Fu all night. This means she’s never comfortable and has to constantly shift and wiggle throughout the night to try and find a position where baby isn’t trying to put a knee through a major organ. We’ve got a double bed but I’d kill for a super kingside right now. I can’t remember the last time I slept through the night.

On top of that she also needs to get up at least once a night to have a pee.

As a result I am very very tired. And today that took the form of a major job fuckup that left me unable to explain a simple mistake to my manager, director and the chief exec. Not good at all.

Even wifey has got concerned, and although I’ve got this Friday booked off as annual leave, she’s going to try and book an appointment with the doctor to get some help.



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