P&G: Proud sponsor of Mums

I’ve read a lot of comments online about this advert, created by Wieden+Kennedy for Proctor and Gamble.

Personally this advert really winds me up.

Firstly, it suggests that dads have nothing to do with a child’s support and upbringing. Most children are able to enjoy the support of two parents, and it’s often the sharing of support that gives children the most opportunities. But in this advert, it’s all down to the mums. If the dad is around, he couldn’t care less what his son or daughter is up to.

Secondly, I despise “feel good” adverts like this, which have nothing to do with any product, they’re purely about telling you how wonderful the company is, how much they really care about you and how they understand you when others don’t. Utter rubbish. They are a company who recorded $82.6 billion dollars in sales in 2011. They were recently fined 200 million euros for price-fixing. They only care about increasing sales and beating competitors, and so they should.

If they really cared about mums (and dads) they could spend a little more of their $82.6 billion on their social responsibility programs.

Rant over!


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