7 tips for taking photos of a baby

A photography blog I sometimes read has conveniently just published a list of articles about baby photography which I thought I’d share here, and pick out the tips which I’m going to do my best to remember as I fill memory card after memory card with photos….

  1. Before baby: “a few days back I realized that all the baby ‘stuff’ that we’ve been buying in preparation for him is actually pretty photogenic in and of itself. Little shoes, tiny socks hanging all in a row, soft toys, books (my partner is thinking ahead!) and all manner of other items present some wonderful opportunities for shots.”
  2. Go for the eyes: “An infant’s eyes reflect purity and innocence like no other. If the infant is awake, make an effort to engage and pull out expressions.”
  3. Zooming in: “The technique that produced some of the shots with babies that I found most parents responded well to were those shots where I isolated just one part of the baby.”
  4. Go for the angles: “Get low down on their level – it means you end up with shots that feel like you’ve entered the babies world rather than you’re looking down on it from above.”
  5. Identify happy times: “Keep on the look out for those times in your baby’s life when he or she seems most settled and content. They may not smile yet but there are times in a daily routine which are better than others for photos.”
  6. Take Out the Colour: “experiment with de-saturating the colors in your shots to a lesser extent than going black and white. Leave a little color in your shots and you’ll end up with pastel like images that again soften the feeling of the shots and give it a very different look and feel.”
  7. Props: Use other items to add scale and meaning to photos “if there are sentimental items (i.e. gifts from grandparents or childhood stuff) that they’d wish to incorporate”.

Hopefully with these tips my pictures won’t all look the same…


Many thanks to the Digital Photography School site for these tips, direct sources are listed below:

In other news

Sanity level is #2 as baby is now overdue and insomnia has returned. May blog about that separately…


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