So how do you do it? Three things that keep this new Dad sane

This morning’s post made for some grim reading. But baby as been rather more challenging recently and stretched our already weary minds further into the previous unknown reaches of sleep deprivation.

So I thought I’d write a counter post of the things I cling to to keep me sane.

  • I love wifey Although I have rather mixed feelings about baby right now, I love wifey more than ever and know she can’t do this by herself. I need to be there for her to share the pain and tolerate the invasion into our lives. Our relationship is built on trust and balance and I have to pull my weight to support her.
  • It will get better One piece of consistent advice is that it will get better, that the first weeks and months are the hardest until they sleep through the night. Every baby is different and we’ve had a lot of conflicting advice but that seems pretty consistent across the board.
  • We’re in it for the long run We didn’t decide to have a baby so we could have a baby, we decided because we wanted to bring a new life into the world and teach and show it the wonders of the world. Sometimes it’s hard to look beyond the sleepless nights but there is a whole lifetime ahead for this little one, and so much for us to show her and for her to explore. That’s exciting and still excites me.

Still sanity level two as I’m writing this at 03:47 and desperately hoping baby is drifting off to sleep after a good length feed…


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