Music for calming a baby

I wanted to bring together music I enjoy that can be an alternative to the usual nursery rhymes and twee tunes which can be bombarded at children. This could potentially be a regular feature as more songs come to mind, but here’s a starter of six for a Friday afternoon:

Eric coates: By the sleepy lagoon

The theme tune from Desert Island Disks, this is a personal favorite of me and wifey.

Lemon Jelly: His Majesty King Raam

Possibly the most relaxing peice of modern music I’ve ever heard.

Lemon Jelly: Nice weather for ducks

An old man sings about ducks, and then flies around the countryside. Dancing rabbits are the icing on the cake.

Air: La Femme D’Argent

Most of the French duo’s work is pretty calming, but this is the best.

Badly Drawn Boy: The Shining

Damon Gough’s voice melts over this slick fallen rift deliciously.

Groove Armada: At The River

I can imagine this playing in the car as the family takes a trip to the seaside. Who isn’t fond of sand dunes and salty air?


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2 responses to “Music for calming a baby”

  1. thebrightondad says :

    We share the same taste in music! What a great compilation. Not sure it would do much for our baby but it would certainly relax me.

    Love the Air video – thanks for that. Never saw that version before – have been an Air fan since they released their very first EP.

    • Sane Dad Blog says :

      I think you’re right, in hindsight maybe the post should be titled “music for calming a Dad”! Like many things, a good tune is wasted on the baby right now!

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