My, haven’t you grown!

It only lasted a month, but our baby isn’t the newest face on the family tree. She now has a new cousin to spa with.

It’s already difficult to remember a time without baby, but I still feel like a total amateur parent. Seeing our new niece and her patents struggle with the almost impossibly steep learning curve has shown us that actually, we’re doing alright. There was a definite “look how far we’ve come” moment and that’s given us both a real confidence boost, especially coupled with our recent day trip.

Our little one still feels very much like a baby, but it was amazing how much she’s already grown in four weeks compared to her newborn cousin – how much more alert and aware she is of her surroundings.

I’m already feeling the Competitive Dad in me, proud our daughter is significantly more developed than a newborn baby – how pathetic is that?!!


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One response to “My, haven’t you grown!”

  1. mutteringsofafool says :

    Sometimes you need these moments to remind you have far you’ve come don’t you? That actually you’ve learnt an awful lot and do have a little bit of control over you life

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