Screaming? For no obvious reason? It’s colic, definitely colic.

We hit another new phase at the weekend, the “I know I was fine a minute ago but now I need to scream as if you’re taking my soul” phase.

With the obvious checks of nappy, hunger and comfort ticked off and the usual calming measures of rocking, burping, cuddling, swaddling also deployed we’ve been left with a baby screaming it’s lungs out endlessly. Not a lot of fun.

She screams and screams, with such vigour that her leg muscles tense and she stands upright. The screaming continues and she is filled with such rage her head goes red and she’s hot to touch. But still it continues.

I am fairly sure that she gets to the point where she doesn’t know why she’s screaming any more, and continues to scream just out of built up inertia. Eventually something will distract her enough to give her a moments pause and you can pounce by distracting her further with more calming measures with the hope that you’ve caught her off guard and she forgets that she’s meant to be screaming.

I’m pretty sure this is going to continue, so here’s what I’ve learnt so far:

  • Babies can get really loud.
  • Their most desperate screams are genetically programmed to erode your soul.
  • Sometimes there’s no longer a reason for their screams, they stop as soon as they start, and you haven’t done anything different.
  • Sharing the screams when possible, it can be too much for one person
  • If you can’t share, give yourself a 5 minute break – put her somewhere safe and comfortable and go to the furthest point away in your home.
  • Don’t jump on buying special bottles or miracle cure remedies, most have as many positive reviews as negative, and if you look at the reviews for bottles you’re already using, I bet you’ll find just as many “AMAZING! These helped my babies colic instantly!” comments.
  • There is no know cure for colic. Probably because no-one actually knows for sure what it is or what causes it.

If you have any more unusual tips that aren’t in the NHS’s list of colic treatments, add them in the comments please!


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