A week feels like a month which feels like a year.

Time does fly past when you’re a new dad, I haven’t blogged for over a week and that won’t do.

This morning I was thinking about the little noises baby is making and it made me wonder what her voice will sound like? Something integral to who a person is, how they will be perceived and recognised is yet to develop. That’s a bit weird.

In other less random updates, things have been rather settled. baby is getting good amounts of sleep at night, and once put to bed at between 9:30 and 11 she usually sleeps until about three or four, then after a change and feed, again until seven or eight. Last night she went to bed at 10 and didn’t wake until 6 – amazing! Wifey was actually worried there was something wrong as she hadn’t been woken up earlier but baby fed well and Wifey was back in bed as I left for work – success!

The sleep has been good for me for a few weeks now, I rarely properly wake up when baby wakes at night, the only trouble I’ve had is getting to sleep (I’ve always struggled with insomnia). Work pressures have been building and I find it hard not having any evening downtime to clear my head. I had a chat with Wifey about this, (or rather she had a chat with me). Although I’m quite aware I’m not having a lot of fun yet, I thought I’d been managing OK but Wifey has been worried about my apparently quite obvious unhappiness.

A much bigger gym than mine. From www.jessicashealthblog.com

A much bigger gym than mine. From www.jessicashealthblog.com

I’m trying to make a few changes – making the most of time with baby when she’s in a cheerful mood after the evening feed, and I hope to start going to the gym again soon to get some downtime and also reverse the extra pounds I’ve been piling on since baby arrived (caffeine doesn’t agree with me so I had/have to rely on sugar to keep  me going through the exhaustive days!). Problem is finding the energy after a day at work when you’re knackered and hugely out of shape!

But Wifey is right, I do need to take better care of myself so i just need to bite the bullet. The first few sessions are always the worst…


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4 responses to “A week feels like a month which feels like a year.”

  1. Daddacool (@daddacool) says :

    Big up to wifey for making sure you’re okay too. It is hard work as a dad, especially when you go back to work and still want to help out at home too. I still find it a struggle, even now our third is 6 months old. It seems incessant.

    • Sane Dad Blog says :

      Absolutely – with everything she’s dealing with as a full time new mum home alone a lot of the day I’m lucky to have her looking out for me – it’s that that made me listen and think “I need to do something about this”.
      Three kids? I just have no idea how you do it, no idea!!

  2. katiekrongard says :

    Oh my gosh. I remember when our little slept through the night the first time. I woke up in a crazy panic convinced that she had died. It took me a few nights before I adjusted and realized I didn’t have to go in and creep over her crib looking for signs of breathing.

    Also, we are STILL trying to workout how to have happy-baby time for my husband when he comes home from work. Some days, she is just REALLY FUSSY, and I feel so guilty that I just spent the whole day with her and he only gets to see her when she’s not so fun to be around. It is hard to be a Dad. You miss a lot of the day, but at the same time, never take a second for granted.

    You are doing great. 🙂

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