NCT reunion

Yesterday was the first time our NCT group of mums and dads met since we’d all had our babies. The mums have been meeting quite often but us dads haven’t been as social and shared emails/phone numbers so it was good to catch up with everyone.

There were a lot of stories about poo and vomit, wee and crying and generally how we’ve all been coping. It was good to see everyone and I would be nice to meet up jus as dads for a beer some time where we can talk about the dad side of things – I expect most people haven’t got a blog to rant to!

The NCT facilitator was there for a while, and the atmosphere was noticeably different with her around, I don’t think anyone had particularly warmed to her during the course. She passed a notebook round for people to write things they learnt and wish they’d learnt, and after she’d gone there were a lot of jokes about wishing we’d not done the course but still me each other. The general consensus was that the course was too detailed and game a negative approach on needing intervention (which practically every mum did) and that we wished there was an NCT Lite membership where you just meet other parents to be and not have all the lessons.

Over all I’m still glad we did the course, mainly because of meeting the other people, I think most of the problems come down to the facilitator we had.

Maybe after this meet up us dads will try and organise something, it probably just takes a couple of us to try and get things started, maybe that could be me….


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2 responses to “NCT reunion”

  1. mutteringsofafool says :

    Your group sounds very similar to ours, we all wanted to know at the start of the course exactly what we were going to talk about for so long! I took a few things away from it but in general didn’t find the course itself that useful.
    The girls still meet up a few times a week and our babies are 15 months old. The dads not so much, has been hard work and quite a few just don’t seem interested. I have made a couple of good friend though which is great as we didn’t really know that many people in this area.

    • Sane Dad Blog says :

      I remember also thinking “what are we going to talk about for 4 hours this time?!” and I wish we didn’t cover so much – Did we really need to get a pair of forceps handed round and told that people in the hospital might refer to them as “blades”?!

      There hasn’t been any Dad activity since the meetup at the weekend, but the girls are still going strong and they’re the ones stuck on their own coping with cabin fever most the time…!

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