Still waiting for the hopefully familiar. 

No baby. Our lives continue to be perched on the edge of the newborn abis.

Feeling pretty nervous about it now. Last night I read through some of my post from this time four years ago in 2012, I’d forgotten how tough it was, it Got me quite scared about what’s coming.

Reading through the old posts, I do talk about how a lot is down to confidence, and I certainly have a lot more of that now which is a good thing. 

I’m hoping it’s a bit like learning to drive – when you first get behind the wheel you can’t imagine how you’re going to be able steer, change gear, accelerate, check mirrors… do all those things together… it all feels overwhelming. But slowly and surely things come together and before too long you’re not thinking about the basics which first flumaxed you, there are bigger things to worry about, like switching lanes on the north circular to make your exit while avoiding being cut up by white van man. And even when you haven’t driven for a while and have to pick up a hire car, you soon get the hang of it. 

Let’s hope…


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