And then we were four. 

He’s here.

I’ve made it through another delivery, and I think I feel ok.

This time it was quite different. Here are ten things I recognised:

  1. Number 2 was much faster, within 24 hours of the first contraction we were back home with a new baby.
  2. It was much calmer, there was just a midwife and her student there which was a much nicer experience, and there were far, far less complications.
  3. Less blood. This time it felt more normal, I can still remember how much blood there was before, it still frightens me.
  4. I didn’t think wifey’s life was in danger this time, that was a massive bonus (though there was a moment I feared for the boy)
  5. It wasn’t so overwhelming, I knew I could deal with this, and that wifey could too.
  6. I actually felt a little bit useful this time as I wasn’t as freaked out and could offer better emotional and physical support.
  7. We hadn’t met the delivery midwife before, but that was ok because she was awesome, and so was her colleague who took over shortly after we arrived. I think it’s a fair generalisation that most midwives are awesome.
  8. For wifey, if your body isn’t totally butchered below in delivery, it gives you a much better start to being a mum.
  9. The boy was massive, I was ready for being in awe of his frail tiny newborn babyness, but you could absolutely tell he was overdue and ready for the world.
  10. I was quite conscious of my anxiety, but had the foresight to take a maximum does of medication in the morning and managed to keep on top of it.

All in all a good start all th get considered. Here we go…


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