Daughter, meet son. Son meet daughter. Please get on. 

Our family is all together. We’d made plans for daughter To stay with a cousin for a few nights once labour began, and yesterday daughter and son met for the first time, and today everyone was back home together. 

Daughter was deliciously excited when she first met her new brother, but also still quite nervous. She’d want to look and study him, but didn’t want to touch. 

Now that everyone’s home she’s grown in confidence. She’s given him a cuddle and keep “checking on him” in his Moses basket and reporting back the he’s awake or asleep (mostly asleep so far) and just gets on with things. So far he hasn’t made much of an impact, we did the same things we’d normally do, but with a sleeping baby in the room. When wifey wasn’t feeding him she was sleeping, and I think daughter is missing mummy time a lot – it’s still going to be a while yet until things sort themselves out below enough for her to crawl around on the floor with daughter playing. 

Things got interesting at bath time when the boy had his first full wash down. He didn’t like it one bit and began crying. The girl looked utterly bewildered and shocked by this horrible noise and backed away involuntarily saying “I don’t like it, whys he making that noise?!?” She got a little upset and kept asking for it to stop. We explained how everything was new and strange for the baby, and he didn’t understand what was goi g on and crying is pretty much all he can do if he’s confused or doesn’t like something. We also tried to explain that there’s probably be lots more to come, but it’s ok, she doesn’t need to worry, mummy and daddy will look after him and make sure he’s ok. 

She later told wifey she didn’t like the baby wants him to go away.  I was expecting her to come out with that at some point, but not when he was less than a week old!


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