Boy babies and girl babies 

There’s only one main difference between having a boy baby compared to a girl baby so far that I’m certain every other parent can relate to – the contents of their nappy.

The anatomical differences are more challenging than I expected, after spending four years getting used to cleaning up female parts (which took some getting used to), I am now faced with a tiny willy and balls to look after.

Here are my top four differences I’m faced with when dealing with tiny boy parts:

  • Willy’s are dangerous, keep that thing covered at all times!
  • Wiping a willy with a cold wipe often encourages more wee to clean up.
  • Cleaning up is always uncomfortable for the chaps little chap, a cold wipe is never appreciated by the boy and he cries every time.
  • Whereas I was used to being careful not to get poo into places it shouldn’t, I now spend ages chasing poo around places it shouldn’t, and the miniature jewels really get in the way, it’s far more fiddly. I have some appreciation for women who first encounter this set of features and wonder what the hell they’re meant to do with them.

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