You make me sad

We’re two weeks into the family of four and we’re still adjusting.

Daughter has shown a good interest and care of the new boy – she wants to see him when she wakes up and say good night when she goes to bed which is great to see.

She’s not as impressed with her parents though, and is giving us a hard time, pushing and testing her boundaries and inventing excuses if we upset her by telling he off..

Three examples of our daughters’ imganiation:

  1. “You made me sad because you helped me too much on the climbing frame”
    Real cause of sadness: She wanted to stay at the playground but it was time to go home
  2. “Daddy made me sad because he wouldn’t let me brush my teeth”
    Real cause of sadness: She refused to brush her teeth herself so I did it.
  3. “I’m sad because Mummy wouldn’t let me get dressed”
    Real cause of sadness: Wifey told her off for not getting dressed

We thought daughter might have a problem with the boy and direct anoyance and frustration at him, but didn’t expect us to be at the receiving end so much. She seems to love him and now regularly tells us that we make her sad which is really hard to hear. We have to keep reminding ourselves that she’s only 4 and is trying to process some complex emotions.


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