The yes no game

So here’s a fun game, it goes like this:

Me: want to play yes-no?

Her: Yes!

Me: Yes

Her: No

Me: Yes

Her: No

Me: Yes

Her: No

Me: Yes!

Her: Yes!

Me: No!

Her: Yes!

Me: No!

Her: No!

Me: Haha!

No: Hahahahaha!

And we both giggle together. Good times.


Your first baby is a life changer, but don’t underestimate the second.

A close couple has just had their second child, and their first is still in nappies and a little unsteady on their feet.

This has taken me straight back to the anxiety panics I had in the early months of our first. Right now I can’t even get my head round the basic logistics and family needs. I’ve always known deep down that I wanted a family, and coming from a family with brothers and sisters I struggle with the the conflicting ideas of raising an only child, and being healthy enough to support a bigger family.

Being an adult is fucking hard. 

Watch pocket

I’ve never had much use for the watch pocket, it’s not big enough for anything useful but I’ve recent discovered a new use – hair clips.
Now the little one’s hair is growing at an impressive speed it needs to be kept out her face (it’s not really long enough to tie back) and hair clips are a necessity. The problem is, she loves the bright colours they come in and they rarely stay in her hair for very long so I now keep a couple in my watch pocket for quick deployment, or to keep safe when I find them down the side of the sofa or in a shoe.
It’s a glamorous life.

Her: “What’s that?” Me: “You becoming self aware”

20140407-074538.jpgShe’s recently become aware of her belly button, and when her vest comes of her fingers explore her tummy until she find the wrinkled dimple and she calls out “Belly button!”
But during bath time last night her hands explored further and there was a different inquisitive “What’s THAT?”.
I stumbled for a moment before replying “that’s your front bottom”. It was the best I could come up with and I think I could have done a lot worse.
Do they really have to grow up so fast?!

Potty training day five – defeat or defiance

We’re a working week into our potty training plan, and we’re not taking it any further. We’ve decided that she’s actually not ready yet, and it’s just going to be unnecessarily stressful for everyone involved if we continue.

After days three and four in nursery there had been 9 and 10 accidents and changes of clothes and although she has an excellent understanding of what the potty is for and how to use it, she physically can not hold back her bladder. It’s always too late for the potty by the time she realised what was going on, and Thursday night me and wifey had a long chat to decide whether we should brave the storm and stand strong in defiance, or give it one more day and if there’s no sign of any improvement we’d call it a day.

So day five came and there’s been another 10 changes of clothes so we’re going back to nappies full time tomorrow, and we’ll try again in a few months. >

Potty training day three – tricky trickles

20140403-185250.jpgWell, this may take some time.

We are having a 50/50 success rate, but it’s more luck than skill. She’s calling out for the potty a lot, and it isn’t too difficult to get her to sit down on it, but she’s only doing drops at a time, and when she doesn’t call for the potty she just makes a little damp patch on her clothes.

Apparently this is very common, which is good to know but not very helpful. Because modern nappies are so effective in soaking up wee to keep babies comfortable, the baby doesn’t actually realise she’s doing a wee, and gives a regular drip-drip-drip.

So the mental battle to go to the potty when the urge arises has almost been won, the physical ability to “hold it in” doesn’t exist and needs to be learnt.

So far our record is 9 changes of pants in one day at nursery. The laminate and tiled floors in our house have been a godsend the past three days.

Top five lessons so far

  1. You can’t have too many spare pairs of pants ready.
  2. Turn the heating up and have them wear as little as possible fr the waist down.
  3. Roll up all your rugs and keep the little one away from carpets where possible.
  4. If you live in a house get two pottys – one for upstairs and one for downstairs – when she says she’s going to go, you don’t have much time (she may have already gone).
  5. Sandals or plastic/rubber shoes like crocs are great so you don’t get trainers filling with piss.


Potty training day one – making a song and dance of it.

Day one of potty training, and I’m relived I only had to deal with a few child-like grownups in the office and not an unpredictable toddler wearing pants for the first time in her life.

Over all it was a success. A quick first top three lessons learnt on the first day:

  1. When you’ve spent your whole life wearing a nappy, switching to a comfy pair of pants is actually quite weird for a toddler.
  2. When they finally perform on cue in the potty, making a literal song and dance is fun, we spent about 15 minutes jumping and dancing round the room celebrating, to the extent that I was worried she’d wee again with giggles and excitement.
  3. Wipe clean floors really come into their own when there’s the constant risk of wee.
  4. You can’t have too much kitchen roll and floor wipes to hand.
  5. Roll up the rugs you have on your wooden or tiled floor – make the most of that wipe clean surface.

The day finished with a respectable wee in the potty while watch “Zoo lane” and a grump about putting a nappy on for bed time. Let’s see what tomorrow brings…

A messy upgrade

20140327-090245.jpgThe next big step to child independence is upon us: potty training.

Our key worker at nursery has suggested it’s time and my head is filled with two very different thoughts:

  1. She’s doesn’t seem to have been a baby for very long, she’s growing up so fast!
  2. Oh my god, there’s going to be piss and shit everywhere for weeks, how quickly is it possible to learn?!

It really does feel like a big step to her own “self sufficiency”. With every step, even at this tiny age, living grows and so does the fear if the inevitable “letting them go”.

They really do grow up very fast!

New shoes? Again?

Brought second pair of shoes yesterday, so far working out at 50p a day the time they last! She loves collecting every little show she can reach from the shelves and passing them out, but isn’t such a fan of actually trying them on. I’m sure that will change in time!

Upgrade requires system restart

The little one has been learning at such pace recently it’s been hard to keep up!

Within the last few months she has started walking, climbing up and down stairs, walking up small steps, lowering herself off beds, using a spoon and chattering non-stop with anything and everything.

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