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Inspiring your next generation

Poster print by Anthony Burrill

Poster print by Anthony Burrill anthonyburrill.com

Although I am not a designer by any means I do have an interest in design and follow a few designer’s blogs and twitter accounts.

One that I’ve followed for many years is Noisy Decent Graphics. The author, Ben, is also a father and blogged this morning about filling a space on his wall at home with an inspiring printed quote – something that would inspire him and his young family.

I began this post with the chosen quote as the title, but decided against it in the hope you’ll read Ben’s piece. The thought process has got me thinking about the responsibility of inspiring my own child through its life.

How much influence do you really have? While they’re still young and at home you have complete control over what they’re exposed to and how they’re treated. But as soon as they go to a nursery, pre-school, and begin their journey through primary and secondary school you have to slowly take a back seat to other worldly influence and do you best to direct and support where you can.

As with many things, I believe it comes down to the little things and the example you set yourself. I’ve seen how children mimic their parents behaviour, and how they can mirror your own personality, often shinning a light on features you’re not to proud of. What will my child’s behaviour say about me?

I’d heard before how your children can teach you so much, and am now beginning to really understand what that means.


Thinking too far ahead

I’ve just read this excellent piece from the Why is daddy crying? blog about hypocritical thoughts about his son and daughter. Before we knew whether we were having a boy or girl I had very similar ideas, and now we have a girl my mind is already racing ahead to teenage years and dating dilemmas. Its a very bad habit of mine, the poor baby can’t even feed herself yet!

Hopefully between me and wifey we’ll have a somewhat balanced approach, but as neither of us were big daters in our teens our experience is somewhat limited!

I really should just concentrate on baby having a full feed without vomiting over herself first though…

Parents who blog – update

I’ve just come across a blog by an America dad, called Why is Daddy Crying?

Covering important topics as starting up a conversation about testicles and ill-fitting pajamas, it’s open and honest and worth a read.

Is it as simple as sunshine?

Yesterday evening i walked home from the station in warm sunshine, got home and volunteered to mow the lawn, to the surprise of Wifey. Considering that I’d been awake since 4am and had been a real mental slump i couldn’t really explain my good mood but thought it best not to over analyse things and enjoy it while it lasted!

My good mood meant a peaceful nights sleep, and although I still woke up many time I was able to drift back into a comfortable slumber. I was even calm when Wifey was experiencing some very painful cramp-like aches in her tummy (Braxton Hicks?!) – I checked the time to see if there was any regularity but they died down after about half an hour. A few nights ago this would have kept me awake for hours worrying but last night I was able to be my more useful self and accept what could be happening.

This morning I read this from one of the other parent blogs I follow – Dampening the smile which made me think about how much the lack of good weather could have affected my own mood. It’s amazing how only a little sunshine can brighten the corners (also a good album title and good album).

Parents who blog

Since starting this site I’ve had a look at other blogs out there by dads describing their experiences.

Brighton Dad – thebrightondad.wordpress.com
This is an excellent well written blog by a dad who’s been through it all. Started in December 2011, he describes life with one, two and now three children and like me, also juggles a commute into London each day. It’s still regularly updated and doesn’t shy away from any topics!

Diary about a daddy – daaddy.wordpress.com
This blog has been on and off since 2009 but appears to be back in full swing for 2012. It has a lighthearted look at the problems dads are faced with some great stories, including how he unexpectedly delivered his third child himself.

Being a Mummy – www.beingamummy.co.uk
Started way back in October 2007, with over 1,000 posts and rising, this blog gives you the mummy perspective of a family of 5 from St Albans.

Daddacool –  www.daddacool.co.uk
The other half of the Being a Mummy blog, this is Alex who has been blogging since 2009 and had a peice published in the Guardian.

Smile and the world will smile with you, Sparkle and it will smile At you – smilingandsparkling.blogspot.co.uk
A relative newcomer starting in January 2012, this is another Mums view of being a parent with a two year old girl after suffering a difficult pregnancy and labour as well as post natal depression.

Other sites
Please recommend other blogs/sites worth reading in the comments. Thanks!

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