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I really am a parent now

Today, without realising, I found myself wiping my baby’s face with a cloth I’d wetted with my own saliva.

The moment I realised what I was doing I had flashbacks to my childhood and embarrassing memories of my mother doing the same to clean my face.

What have I become?!?


All the ducks are swimming in the water

This blog has been quiet because last week our baby finally arrived.

Not surprisingly I’ve had no time to post since, but hope as things settle I’ll be able to give some updates soon.

Wifey and baby are mostly well, and we’re all trying to work out what we do now our little one is here.

The title of the post refers to a lemon jelly track played in the car on the way to the hospital which I found myself humming a lot during the while experience…

More soon I hope…

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