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Watch pocket

I’ve never had much use for the watch pocket, it’s not big enough for anything useful but I’ve recent discovered a new use – hair clips.
Now the little one’s hair is growing at an impressive speed it needs to be kept out her face (it’s not really long enough to tie back) and hair clips are a necessity. The problem is, she loves the bright colours they come in and they rarely stay in her hair for very long so I now keep a couple in my watch pocket for quick deployment, or to keep safe when I find them down the side of the sofa or in a shoe.
It’s a glamorous life.


50 shades of grey

Apparently there’s a series of books by the same title as this post, but I don’t have a lot of time for books.

A touch of grey

Instead, this post relates to a depressing realisation this morning of how many grey hairs I now have. I know the past two months have been tough, but it’s a depressing sight seeing my once brown mop of hair now littered with silver lines of age and exhaustion.


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