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Baby upgrade / they grow up so fast

Our little girl has had another upgrade this week and has taken her first steps.

She’s been impressing us more and more in the past month with her walking skills while pushing a trolley around the garden, and her hands and knees crawl as been evolving into a hands and feet crawl. Unfortunately I was at work when it happened, but wifey was with her so at least one of us was there. And Wifey’s had a tough week and deserves a little reward.

She’s really not a baby anymore, and I feel a sense of relief that this really is the end of the traumatic first year of utterly helpless dependence on her parents. But it also marks the start of more movement and freedom, more independence and more worries and anxieties. There’ll be more screams and accidents as those little sausage legs learn to do what evolution has spent generations perfecting.

The more you live the adventure of parenting, the more you realise how never ending and absorbing it is.


Your baby has just been upgraded.

“Your baby has just been upgraded with a new skill:
Feeding herself”

For some unknown reason, we gave baby a spoon of yogurt to feed herself with.

She loved it.

She demanded more, and rammed spoon after spoon into her face, covering her hands and mouth in the process, coating almost all her fave in yogurt – it was over her cheeks, nose and eye lashes.

Finally she had had enough, and we begun the clean up process.

It’s her first proper step to independence, next there’ll be potty training, getting dressed and before long moving out and getting married. Am I over thinking and getting carried away again…?!?

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