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“It’s her first day”

I did my first full drop off and pick up from nursery today, and it was an odd experience.

Dropping her off was a strangely low key affair, one of those situations which clearly meant a lot more to me than it did to the nursery staff. They didn’t do anything wrong, and it was probably down to Wifey doing such a good job getting everything set up properly in advance, but it was literally just a case of turning up, handing her over and then saying goodbye.

The little one was ok, a bit quite and shy. It’s strange seeing her so reclusive when I know what a fun, smiley girl she usually is. It seemed as if she was already resigned to the fact I was going to leave her there and didn’t see the point of putting up a fight or getting upset.

I called once during the day, and was reassured she was doing ok but wasn’t eating much which is apparently quite normal for new starters.

Picking her up was a different story. I peered through a one-way mirror and could see her sitting quietly, but when I went in and she saw me she burst into tears and zoned and shrieked. This was not the greeting I was expecting and it took me quite by surprise. I was quickly reassured that it was actually a good sign, that she was knackered and was pleased to see me really! She did look ruined, and started to come to life on the way home and by the time we got home she was her chatty self.

Things I learnt:

  • First days are a big deal for you, but the nursery are used to it.
  • She probably won’t eat as she’ll be quite disorientated and will need some time to settle in.
  • If she screams her face off when you pick her up, don’t fear, it’s a good thing!
  • Having a child makes you feel old. Starting the road to school, college, uni makes you feel even older. This feeling is going to get worse.

The first day of the rest of our lives

This week is a big week for us, our little girl is going to nursery and wifey is heading back to work. And so begins another shift in how we live and we begin the ever meandering logistics of pick ups and drop offs, and who’s meant to be where when.

We’re both very fortunate to have flexible employers who are allowing us to work from home some part of the week, and for wifey to reduce her total hours so she can spend a few quality days out of 7 with the little one.

Wifey is dealing with things very well so far, and most of her anxiety has been about getting back into the swing of things at work rather than how our growing baby will cope at nursery. I think we’ll both be quite relieved when this week is over and we start to learn our new routine.

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