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The need to climb

Our baby isn’t quite yet a toddler, but is still quite adventurous and doesn’t shy away from taking the difficult path to get to where she wants to go. She’ll climb over anything and everything in her way, which has lead to a few instances of her ending up with face down with her nose pressed against the floor in tear.

She loves the stairs, and with some supervision, we’ve let her scale the full flight which she does in one go with only a few looks over her shoulder to check we were OK with it (that’s what i liked to think anyway) before climbing on. Most impressively, when she reaches the top, she turns around, sits down and closes the stair gate behind her!

I have thought that it’s odd that many babies have this instinct to climb, but don’t have the first clue about how to get down safely! She still hasn’t learnt that head first isn’t usually the best option…


Moving, pills and DIY

An update on a few things.

Baby is doing very well, she’s getting a lot stronger, moving into the 3 month clothes nicely and you can see real developments in the way she interacts with her toys, gripping and pulling, fingers moving independently and she’s starting to push her self around with her feet (the thought of her getting more and more mobile is quite scary!

I’m still popping pills, coming up Ito a month now, and haven’t notice anything spectacular. I’ve got a checkup this week to review things so I’ll get some advice then. No news yet on therapy, but they did warn that can take quite a long time to arrange.

Its my birthday this time of year and I had a night out with friends and family which was great, I could forget about all my worries and stresses and slip back into an old me and relax and have fun. I probably drank too much as I’m not used to it but it was great to see people I hadn’t seen for ages and catch up.

At the weekend we did some DIY jobs, a bit of painting and fixed some cupboards, me and wifey were lucky that baby took an extra long afternoon nap and we could get stuck into something, it was good to do something productive which didn’t just involve baby!

That’s it for now, I will try and write more, more often…

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