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Father’s Day feels real


This weekend will be my second Father’s Day, but it feels like my first, for two reasons.

Reason one: This time round I’m not such a bubbling, confused, sleep depraved, anxious, cluster of flesh and bone. Last year baby was barely a month old and I was a wreck. And I didn’t feel like a dad at all, which leads me to…

Reason two: This time I actually feel like a dad, I can announce that title with pride and have some level of confidence in my ability to look after our little one and entertain her. That might sound obvious but for me, and the journey I’ve been on the last 15 months, it’s an in imaginative leap from where I was in my dark times. I sometimes wondered if I’d ever get to this point, and I’m relieved and happy that I have. I know the work has barely begun, but I at least feel my fatherhood foundations are built on much strong rock.

Last year’s Father’s Day lead to some horrible and upsetting arguments, we’re both in a much better place now, and I can’t wait until Sunday.


So, what’s it like being a new Dad?

During the rare moments I now have to myself I’ve thought about what it’s like to be a New Dad. I thought the subject would make a good post but as a reader of this blog you’ll realise I’m not brilliant with words, and so trying to articulate the mess of sleep deprived thoughts and emotions has been particularly challenging.

So in the spirit of the Internet, I’m going to link to two other posts from new dads who do a much better job than me.

Coding Horror: On parenthood

Charlie Brooker: I get babies

Neither of these are from a parenting website or guide to babies, and that’s what I like. These men have successful careers, are good at what they do and had a full life before parenthood.

Both are well worth a read.

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