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2 weeks away

I am 2 weeks away from D-Day – the due date. So thought I’d start this blog to share experiences with our new dads and parents.

Here’s a bit of background about me. I’m married, early thirties, live in the south-east of England and am expecting my first child, a girl. I say expecting, the midwife wasn’t entirely sure so we’ve gone for fairly neutral colours in clothes and decorations.

So far the experience has been running to plan. Wifey is slowing down considerably now, with swollen ankles and a lot of weight on front. Latest scans show the little’un is head down and ready to go. The nursery is fully equipped with cot, nursing chair and chest of drawers/changing table. Car seat and compatible push chair is lined up in the hallway. The moses basket and stand are laying patiently in the nursery.

If only I could be as mentally ready as my surrounding purchases are!

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