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Is it as simple as sunshine?

Yesterday evening i walked home from the station in warm sunshine, got home and volunteered to mow the lawn, to the surprise of Wifey. Considering that I’d been awake since 4am and had been a real mental slump i couldn’t really explain my good mood but thought it best not to over analyse things and enjoy it while it lasted!

My good mood meant a peaceful nights sleep, and although I still woke up many time I was able to drift back into a comfortable slumber. I was even calm when Wifey was experiencing some very painful cramp-like aches in her tummy (Braxton Hicks?!) – I checked the time to see if there was any regularity but they died down after about half an hour. A few nights ago this would have kept me awake for hours worrying but last night I was able to be my more useful self and accept what could be happening.

This morning I read this from one of the other parent blogs I follow – Dampening the smile which made me think about how much the lack of good weather could have affected my own mood. It’s amazing how only a little sunshine can brighten the corners (also a good album title and good album).

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