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TV hitting home

I’ve been catching up on some old tv recently and have just finished watching the first series of Homeland. It’s been a great program, a good amount of politics, espionage, sex and violence.

Ive noticed that watching TV dramas like this have a different effect than they used to – I’m far more aware of the family relationships and the parental emotions of characters than before. This isn’t very surprising, but really hit home watching the last episode of homeland.
Watching Broadie promise his daughter that he was coming home reduced me to a gibbering tearful wreck! The father-daughter relationship had been build throughout the series and both actors where utterly compelling in their final scene together.

I had better to get used to having my heart strings pulled like this as me and daughter connect more and more as she grows and develops!


I’ve never heard it described in quite those words before

I’ve become quite a fan of the TV series Dexter, about a nice serial killer who only murders bad people (it’s better than i describe). Obviously, the lead character Dexter Morgan, has some social issues but tries to lead as  normal a life as possible.

In the episode I watched last night, Dexter tells his potty mouthed sister that he’s having a baby:

Debra: A baby? A motherfucking roly-poly, chubby cheeked, shit machine? Are you kidding me?

Dexter: I’ve never heard it described in quite those words before, but yeah.

I’ve never heard a baby called that before either, but it did raise a smile so I thought I’d share!

Maybe it’s not the best programme to watch if you’re suffering from insomnia, but my sleep is getting better and watching a messed-up, nice-guy, serial-killing social-reject come to terms with being a father does actually make things a bit easier to deal with!

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